The Amazing Brain Train

The Amazing Brain Train

It is a mind and momory drilling game with lots of fun

The Amazing Brain Train is a fantastic game with brilliant color combination and easy to use interface. It is a very interesting game with lots of fun waves. Unlike any other mind or memory game it will not let you bore with Amazing Brain Train game. Its highly graphical and animated interface can impress anybody n it will help you to stick with brain drilling exercises. The Amazing Brain Train comes with 15 different types of brainy games under 5 major categories – Search, Planning, Spatial, Memory and Numbers to shack the all corners of your mind. It also comes with three different modes to play the games, so you can choose any mode from Test mode, Quest mode and practice mode according to your expertise level. The game is very easy to use and you can play this game with your mouse. Each game of Amazing Brain Train comes with detailed learning description and it also display a demonstration just before you start to play the game for each game to learn the game quickly, easily and graphically and without reading a single word. Here each game of Amazing Brain Train has different levels of brainy drilling exercise which randomly play as you clear each stage. And due to its random playing feature it keeps your interest in playing more and more drilling games.

Manoj Goel
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  • Brilliant colors and great graphics
  • Highly animated
  • 15 different types of brainy game
  • It is a mind and memory game
  • Three modes to choose according to expertise


  • Not a freeware
  • Can’t choose games
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